Get Rich, Find Love, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight



You've tried to lose weight, to stop smoking, to find love and to make money, using all kinds of techniques, books and methodologies... to no avail.  Many reasons could be invoked even though it is probably difficult for you to pinpoint the exact one or ones that may be the actual cause of your failure. You probably know many people who have gone through a similar fight, using more or less the same weapons, but who have managed to succeed. What is their recipe? What is the secret behind their success? What have they done that you have not?


There is more than a single possibility, of course. For our part, we know for sure that a positive attitude is an essential element to success… in everything! Whatever the objective, positive thinking remains important. Which is why we recommend using positive thinking techniques on a steady basis. Wishing for something is not enough: you must “want it badly” if you intend to reach your goal. Hence the need to develop your bank of positive energy. Accumulating positive energy has to be the foundation of your project (i.e. finding the right person). The utilization of the pyramid has proved to be, for lots of people, the most efficient technique. Yeah, a small, two-dimension, flat, hand-made pyramid.

Did you know that the pyramid is well known for its potential for accumulating energy and power? Over the years researchers have established that a pyramid is a transducer that can transform one form of energy (such as willpower, personal vibrations) into another form of energy (action). It’s a power plant that collects, accumulates and channels vibrations: even a 2-dimension pyramid when properly designed and "furnished". Now, wouldn’t it be nice if all that energy could be used for positive, tangible results? Like for getting a job promotion, finding a life partner, losing weight or getting rich? Why not? In his new book with Leonard Mlodinow “The Grand Design” (Bantam), Stephen Hawking, the physicist  well-known for his research on life’s origin and its evolution, says: “…we create history by observing it rather than… history creates us…” This message is clear: we can influence things and events a lot more that we had thought.

Using and exploiting the benefits of positive energy (through the use of the pyramid and positive thinking) can constitute, for many, a winning recipe. What about you? Why not for you too? Of course, if you’re not a believer, such theories will bring you nothing. You can’t win with such “instruments” if you don’t believe in their potential.

Indeed, just like for anything in life, your crusade to reach a difficult goal will often be conditional to your capacity to develop a positive and pleasant environment around you, an ambiance that radiates self-confidence and trust in others — and in your future. The pyramid meets perfectly such requirements. Of course, you must believe in it and you must never accept being defeated. As mentioned earlier, miracles do not exist but everything is possible when you really want it and if you know how to use efficiently the mechanisms available to you. The pyramid, the positive energy: all this is simply a “tool kit”, a foundation, a reference point. It’s what you can do with it that will determine your success or your failure. If you spend all your days and nights at home, watching TV, chances are that nothing's going to change anytime soon. It is essential that your whole life be geared toward your goal: speak with people, demonstrate a positive attitude at all times, have a plan, take the steps that people who want to succeed uusually go through. So, use the best techniques that you have learned: buy stocks, start a new business, follow a diet, use patches and so on. Do not remain passive: be pro-active. Take risks, make changes, dare to do something different! But do this in conjunction with our recipe (pyramid + positive thinking + active visualization). Don’t forget to (always!) remain optimistic, always believe that you can be a winner. Never lose hope; keep your objective in sight all the time. Stay positive. Never give up because of obstacles. Go! Make it happen! You’ll see: your whole life will be transformed.

The 4 "Secrets" of the Pyramid of Fortune are:

. Make money! Get Rich!                                      . Stop Smoking!

. Find love (at last)                                        . Lose Weight! 

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